Spring cleaning the stress away

When I’m stressed I raid my CD stash, pull out an old album (Pink – Can’t take me home, Destiny’s Child – The Writings on the Wall and TLC – Fanmail are all infallible favourites). I turn the volume up load and go on what can only be described as a cleaning and de-cluttering rampage! Being a lover of music, it definitely is my personal therapy.

Talking about this is in last week’s Stress Management session at St Giles proved ample inspiration for a poem in a writing session led by Shade, one of Rafiki’s extremely talented champions. It must’ve been good as I even managed to relax enough to write a poem which rhymes! Thanks to Shade for her perceptive approach to the poetry session, drawing out themes and ideas based on our discussion. I’m certainly no Shakespeare but it was a cathartic experience all the same. Here’s my poem!

Spring cleaning the stress away…

Clear out the clutter
Clear out the stress
This is where I go
When my head is a mess

Straight to the source
For me this is kind
‘Cos for me a cluttered house
Is quite simply a cluttered mind

Pull it all out
Starting from scratch
Reorder the mayhem
So peace I can catch

Sometimes I’ll create it
So that I can make it
Disappear from sight
So I can sleep at night

So bring on the clutter
Send it all my way
Let me sieve through it
To keep the stress at bay.

By Nayo Hunt


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