Breaking free from the Truman Show

Really interesting article on BBC news today about young Jonny Benjamin who believed, for ten years, that he was on the Truman Show. This story really struck a bell with me as I remember when I  first watched that film as a child I thought, for a few fleeting moments, wow what if that is my life.? What if my entire life is fake and behind it all there’s cameras and actors just pretending to be my friends and family!?! Similar kind of thing when I watched the Matrix. Anyone remember questioning whether or not we were in the real world?

I can laugh about it now as I’m pretty sure this IS the real world and no-one would really go to such massive effort to film my life, interesting as it may be. But imagine if you became fixated on those thoughts and lived your life with that paranoia.

Jonny’s story made me think for a moment about how easy it is to get thoughts muddled and criss-crossed, and what a profound affect it can have on the lives of the people it happens to. Even everyday things can be triggers and any of us, at any time, can become vulnerable.

The sharing of stories like this, making us aware of experiences so different from our own, are definitely helpful in breaking down boundaries and starting conversations around mental health. Cheers to you Jonny!

By Nayo Hunt

See the link to the full article here:



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