Too Stressed to Speak – Dawn Miller

Too Stressed to Speak…..

Too stressed to speak,
my work load is mounting,
I’ve deadlines to meet,
paying the rent, and bills that won’t keep.

My neighbour blasts his music at night
but for now, I don’t have the strength to fight
instead I lay tense like a wind up toy
wondering how much more I can take.

My phone unnerves me, it is not my friend
Each time I hear the shrill sound
I wait for it to end
the voicemail asks;
Where are you?
You’re not taking your calls!
All I can do is stare at the walls

I can’t eat, yet anxiety eats away at me
Try as I might I can’t concentrate
Things that gave pleasure I now can’t tolerate
The pressure inside is mounting
it’s too much to bear.

The books say, relax and exercise
this will help reduce the signs
I think about happier times I’ve had
I pack a bag with that in mind
hours later I stroll along a Devon beach
I smile, I’m calm and more at peace.

© Dawn Miller


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