Why do I feel Trapped – Natasha McVytie


Why do I feel trapped with emotions all the times, I feel like a ticking time bomb any day or minute
I’m going to blow. I need to take control over my life.
Why do I get into theses things and end up feeling bad, what’s really wrong with me??
Things need to change life must be better than this. Feeling sorry for myself, need to get on with life.
How? Don’t know because things still upset me I admit im a very emotional person. I can’t help that so what am I to do am.
Why do I feel small to every one like their words are every thing, why do I care about what’s others think or say about me. Why do I take it on board and let it effect me. KMT IM SO FOOLISH.
Need to let go of so much, just let it go cah it hurts me and no one really cares.


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