I Am Me – Natasha McVytie

I am a black woman who has had my fare share of ups and downs. I have learnt many lessons on the way, trust no one but myself it’s a hard lesson to learn. Yes I do feel alone at times but it better to feel lonely than to feel hurt all over again it’s about letting go.

You may look at me and think I’m big and strong and yes I am on the outside but inside is a much different story.
Every day is a new lesson is learnt I become wiser and wiser to the outside world and its negative behaviour.

As they say what doses not kill you only make you stronger.
I can say that because that’s how I feel.
How I feel matters to me and no one else will, I must take control of my life and move forward with the life lesson I have learnt so far.
I am a black women with feelings and emotions who will express myself in many different ways.


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